Examples of Technical Writing for Students

If you are looking for examples of technical writing for students, then you have come to the right place. Regardless of whether you are a teacher looking to share examples with your students or whether you are a student looking for existing documents that can serve as a guide as you work on a class assignment, reviewing technical writing examples can be extremely beneficial as you work on your assignment.

What Is Technical Writing?

There is no doubt that technical writing is one of the most specialized types of writing. In order for it to serve its purpose, it should be able to communicate specific information to a defined audience, for a specific purpose. In technical writing, the goal is to convey information in such a way that the reader can understand and apply it in the future. 

The purpose is to convey it in an instructional manner. It is important to emphasize the importance of clarity and specificity in this type of writing, as well as communicating using terminology that will be easily understood by the target audience members.

Three examples of technical writing are presented in the following paragraphs.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

An organization’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) clearly define the following processes:

A staff member returning from an absence is required to fill out the Classified Employee Absence Report located on the S drive as soon as possible after returning from their absence:

  • Click on the “My Computer” icon on the left hand side of the screen.
  • The network titled “S Drive” can be selected by double-clicking it.

Legal Disclaimers

A legal disclaimer provides notice of a legal framework related to the content being read:

These communications are protected by the Electronic Privacy Act (24 USCA 2674). Any unlawful interceptions or disclosures of the information contained in this transmission is strictly prohibited under 24 USCA 2675.

Help Files

Help files are written at a basic reading level without jargon and contain only a few steps of instruction. The goal is to help employees or customers solve issues on their own:

On the Dashboard, you can select the picture that will be displayed on your home screen. The computer comes with ten pictures or you can upload your own. To do this, complete the following steps…

Where to Find Examples of Technical Writing for Students Online

There are a number of online resources for examples of technical writing for students. A few places you may want to look to find samples of this type of writing include:

  • Eduscapes – The Eduscapes website is a resource for teachers and librarians who are looking for materials that can be used to create or enhance lessons. Along with many other instructional materials, this site includes several technical writing examples as well as tips for teaching these types of skills effectively.
  • HelpScribe.com – The HelpScribe.com website provides several technical writing examples that you can review. There are a samples of technical manuals, system requirement documentation, help documents, instructions, and other types of documents.
  • Technical writing providers – Companies and individuals that provide technical writing services often publish examples of their work on their websites as a marketing resource. A few sites that you may want to review when searching for sample documents are: JPC Media, LLC; Paul MacMartin, Technical Writer; and Warthman Associates.

Additional Resources for Technical Writing Samples

While the Internet is a great place to locate examples of technical writing, it is certainly not the only place you can find documents that meet your needs. There’s a good chance that there are several examples of technical writing in your home or office. 

If you have an owner’s manual for any of the electronic devices or appliances that you own, you have an example of technical documentation.

In addition to owner’s manuals, other publications you may have access to at home or work include:

  • Employee handbook – Companies provide their employees with a handbook that details the organization’s policies and procedures. If you aren’t currently working, ask your friends or relatives who have jobs to show you copies of the manuals from their companies.
  • Instruction manuals – The copy or fax machine in your office likely came with an instruction manual.
  • Software documentation – Any time you purchase a license for software application, documentation regarding how to install and begin using the program is included.
  • Student handbook – If you are a student, your school likely provided you with a handbook that spells out various policies and procedures.

Use Discretion When Selecting Examples

Remember that every technical writing sample that you come across may not represent a good example. In some cases, you may find documents that are better used as illustrations of what not to do rather than guidelines for what you or your students should do. Technical writing is essential for students in technical fields. See real-life examples and tips in our latest article. Enhance your skills with Oxbridge Notes.

If you’ve ever purchased an item that required assembly only to find that the instructions were insufficient or difficult to follow, you have experienced poor technical writing first hand. Review any example document that you are thinking about using to be sure that the quality of information and writing style are appropriate to serve the intended purpose.

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