Finding Christian Retreats for Troubled Teens

A Christian retreat for troubled teens may be the answer when parents have nowhere else to turn. It is never pleasant for a parent to have to admit that her child needs outside help, but sometimes it is unavoidable and better to seek help before the problem becomes more complex.

Where to Find Teenage Retreats

There are a variety of Christian retreats and camps across the country that cater to at-risk youths. A number of websites catalogue them in order to make the process of finding the right one a bit easier.

  • There is an entire section on this site dedicated to “Youth at Risk” camps; there is also a section on summer camps for children. The majority of them have a Christian background, but there are a few that don’t. It is organized in such a way that you can easily see the location of these programs and the type of program at a glance.
  • Camps for Troubled Youth: This site organizes the different types of camps available to at-risk children and adolescents into four separate categories, one of which is a list of Christian camps. On the site, it is stressed that christian camps are not designed for teens who suffer from severe psychological problems or who come from dangerous backgrounds.
  • The My Troubled Teen site provides information about all types of troubled teens and mentions many Christian programs as well as boarding schools, residential treatment programs, wilderness programs, as well as those designed specifically for teenagers suffering from eating disorders. The programs they offer are focused primarily on the spiritual cleansing and renewal of the individual.
  • As an organization that is dedicated to restoring troubled teens, Restoring Troubled Teens calls itself a “one-stop shop” for troubled teens that need assistance. They have a whole list of different camps on their website, some of which are specifically Christian camps. The goal of this organization is to reintegrate teens back into society as soon as possible.
  • An important element of the National Youth Network is that it is meant to serve both parents and educators as a resource for troubled youth that need help. In addition to wilderness programs, outdoor therapy, boarding schools, and summer camps and programs, they offer a wide range of services.
  • There is plenty of support available on this site if you are trying to help a troubled teen. The mission statement of this school states that they are committed to reuniting families. In order to accomplish this, they offer boarding schools, military schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, and boot camps. There are some of these programs that are based on the Christian faith, and some of them are not.

Benefits for Troubled Teens

It is common for parents to worry about their teenagers becoming troubled, and these concerns always come down to the children’s safety when they become troubled. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the safety of their children, as well as others. The challenge of reaching out to troubled teenagers can be very challenging when they are truly troubled. 

This is why it can be beneficial to send them on a retreat of some kind so that they can get some outside help, usually from professionals, to help them overcome their challenges. There are a number of benefits to sending your teen to such a program, among which are the following:

  • Making friends with people who share the same interests as you
  • Assisting parents in temporary situations
  • In order to assist troubled teens in coping with their situation, we need to learn new skills
  • Their faith is being reintroduced to them after a long absence
  • The importance of living in a safe environment

Activities at Christian Retreats for Troubled Teens

At a Christian retreat for troubled teens, the main goal is to give children the opportunity to get the help they need in order to turn their lives around. Seeing your child suffering from problems, whether it’s emotional or physical, can be very hard to deal with. 

Secondly, there is a strong emphasis on learning the values and morals of the Christian faith, as well as how to practice them. There are a wide range of activities offered at these retreats, which range from spiritual activities to normal camp activities. There are a number of items that are included in them, including:

  • Worship every day of the week
  • Training in leadership
  • Initiatives aimed at promoting teamwork
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Skills necessary for survival
  • A swimming lesson
  • A canoeing adventure
  • A hiking trip
  • Taking part in horseback riding

Does My Teen Really Need Such a Program?

When your child has problems, it can be difficult to admit that he or she has a problem. It can also be difficult to commit your child to one of these programs by making that difficult call. 

It’s great to hear that you’ve already gotten so far in the process that you’ve realized your child needs help, and the good news is that there is a lot of support available. 

There are a number of programs available that are designed not only to help your child, but to make sure that you are comfortable with your decision as well.

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