Prom Planning Checklist

It is essential for your prom planning committee to have a prom planning checklist so that the committee can stay organized and on track while planning the largest event you may ever plan. There is no doubt that your prom will be the best ever if you start the planning process with an organized and comprehensive list of tasks.

Printable Prom Planning Checklist

You can brainstorm your own list of planning tasks using a blank, printable to-do list, or you can use this checklist that covers all aspects of prom planning and will help you keep track of everything you need to do. In this editable prom checklist, you will find the following six categories: Time & Place, Budget & Fundraising, Tickets & Guests, Entertainment & Food, Decorations & Favors, and Volunteers. 

You can download the document by clicking on the image, and then you can customize the categories and tasks based on your preferences. You should print out a master copy of this document for your prom planning committee to use. 

You may run into trouble accessing the printable if you run into trouble accessing this helpful guide.

Prom Planning Tips and Tasks

Planning a prom takes a concerted effort and years of thought. Use the printable checklist to start planning in the most efficient order to make your efforts easier and more fun.

Step One: Fundraise

Prom fundraising should start years before your class is actually hosting the prom. Prom is often hosted by the Junior Class. If this is the case at your school, you can start fundraising for your hosting duties in Freshman year.

  • Ask the current Junior and Senior classes how much they spent on the proms they hosted.
  • Find the average of these two numbers and jot it down on your checklist under “Projected Budget.”
  • With this goal in mind, you’ve got two full years to fundraise and reach your budget goal. Your class advisor can keep the checklist throughout these two years.

Step Two: Form a Committee

When it comes time to start planning the prom you’ll host, form a prom committee that includes at least one teacher advisor and ten or so student volunteers. Get out the checklist you started in ninth grade and add all your names to the top. 

Give each member of the committee a copy where they can track who’s responsible for each task.

Step Three: Choose a Theme

A great place to start in planning is to choose your prom theme. You can opt for a popular prom theme such as “Viva Las Vegas” or come up with your own unique formal dance theme. Once you pick a theme, you can choose the color scheme and make all your other decisions. 

Use art supplies to decorate your checklist so it matches your theme and keeps you focused on the color scheme.

Step Four: Plan the Event

When you start planning, consider what typically happens on prom night. Try to cover all the expectations prom goers have to make the event special. The best prom planning tips revolve around sticking to and working with your budget. Attach catalog pages and receipts to your checklist so you have everything in one place.

  • Free prom catalogs features everything you need to host a prom separated by theme or color scheme. Even if you don’t buy from that particular company, you can find great ideas in the catalogs.
  • Buying prom event supplies can be overwhelming, so choosing one company to work with can make the task simpler.
  • You can save a lot of money by making your own prom decorations. Look for creative ways to use common household items like Christmas lights or glass jars and supplies such as tissue paper, balloons, and gossamer.
  • Knowing what to look for in a prom venue can help you make a swift and smart decision about where to hold your prom.

Step Five: Cover All Angles

Prom night typically covers more than just a dance party. Don’t forget to include before prom events and after prom events in your planning process. Even if the prom committee isn’t hosting them, you’ll want to know the details so you can share them while selling tickets and promoting prom. 

Give a copy of your checklist to the people planning after prom so they can make sure the two events are cohesive.

Planning Your Perfect Prom

If you want to plan the perfect prom for your friends, get organized early with a printable prom planning checklist. You can change the categories or tasks to fit your actual event so it reflects exactly what your school wants in a prom. Now that you have a list to help you organize your prom, it’s time to start thinking about a prom gift for your date.

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